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WILLOW AND POPLAR FOR PLANTING (UNROOTED) Most Salix (Willow) and some Populus (Poplars) can easily be grown from unrooted hardwood cuttings and sets, inserted vertically into the soil. Often trees raised in this way in their final planting positions grow better and faster than young plants which are already rooted. When established, expect a minimum of 3-4ft of growth in average conditions and 6-8ft at best over a season. Cuttings are taken from our nurtured mother plants to produce quality planting material.

Populus (Poplar) species/varieties: Populus nigra ssp. Betulifolia; x acuminata; alba £Pyramidalis£; alba £Richardii£; £Balsam spire£ (TxT 32); candicans £Aurora£; x canadensis £Aurea£; £Columbia£; £Eugenii£; £Robusta£; £Serotina£; x interamericana £Beaupre£; nigra £Italica£; simonii £Fastigiata£, szechuanica; trichocarpa £Fritzi Pauley£; yunnanensis. .

Cuttings: 9-12£
£6.50 per ten
£21.00 per fifty

Sets (3-4 ft depending on species)
£3.50 each
£14.50 per ten

Selected sets, vigorous varieties (5-7 ft.)
£4.75 each
£21.00 per ten

Also some varieties available in larger sizes - POA

All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT

Please call Mount Pleasant Trees 01454 260348 or email to order
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